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Title: Photo Corryong / Walwa LH Melbourne Show 1938ish
Post by: Kim on 25 September 2011, 02:07:11 pm
Does any one know where I would have seen a photo of 4 Troopers from Corryong / Walwa 8th LH
jumping a hurdle at Melbourne Show about 1938? I thought it was on the AWM collections site, but can't
find it. Looking for the exact description that went with it. We know the names of the riders but need the date etc.


Title: Re: Photo Corryong / Walwa LH Melbourne Show 1938ish
Post by: More Majorum on 26 September 2011, 11:36:46 pm
Hi Kim,

I too recall seeing the photograph you are seeking, but as with you, I have been unable to find it with a search this evening of both "Pictures Australia" and the AWM.

From what I can find, the Corryong and Walwa Troops were formed in early 1935, "A" Squadron, 8th Light Horse Regiment.
Without the photograph in question, and its caption, it is difficult to give you an exact date, but if this helps in some way, the following are the dates of the Royal Melbourne Show in which the 8th Light Horse participated in the military events.

Wednesday 26th September 1935. (The Corryong Troop was in the "Four over Hurdles Event.")
Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th, September 1936. Trooper Blamley(?) Walwa Troop won the tent pegging event on the 23rd.
Thursday 30th September 1937. 8th LH third in the "four over hurdles event."
Have not found a date for 1938 as yet, but it will be either the last week of September/first week October.

What I have got of the 1938 Military event for the Show is this -
Capt E. G. Palmer
Lieut C. Nason (? might be Mason), Troop Leader.
Sgt H. Sheppard
Tropper's -
Ray Cogger
Jack Bradshaw
Peter Murphy
Jim Robinson
Neil Christenson
Les Casey
C. Pearmane (could be Pernaine, have both spellings with initial C.)
Sid Cogger
Jack Peck (H. J.)
Jack Drury (A. L.)
Keith Langlands
Vin Williams

All "A" Squadron 8th Light Horse. Any names connect with the Corryong/Walwa Troops?

There is also another possibility to the photographs origin, the annual Navy, Army and Air Force competions and Gymkhana held at the Showgrounds, Flemington.
The 16th Annual Competition and Gymkhana was held on Saturday 7th December 1935, the 8th Light Horse again taking third place in the "Four over hurdles event."

What a great pity that those fine Australian Miltary traditions, the Tattoo and the Gymkhana, have fallen by the wayside, was a highlight when I was a youngster and my Dad would take me to those at the showgrounds back in the fifties.


Title: Re: Photo Corryong / Walwa LH Melbourne Show 1938ish
Post by: Kim on 27 September 2011, 09:19:21 am
Thanks Jeff.
No, the names are not Corryong but they may help out with the large 8th Troop photo we are trying to get names for.
The dates for the show are great. The son of a guy in the photo I am seeking info on says definitely Melbourne show.
I'll try and get a photo up for you to see, might have to split it into three.


Title: Re: Photo Corryong / Walwa LH Melbourne Show 1938ish
Post by: Kim on 22 October 2011, 08:43:54 am
Thanks Jeff, It was the 1936 show.