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 on: 19 February 2019, 08:45:09 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker

If you are around can you help with details on why these men were transfered to the 8 LHR from the 9 LHR?

These men are;

MITCHELL   Mervin Lance   1620   Sig   9 LHR   12R Tos RHQ? 12-15 qual unknown Sig course 1-16 to Sig RHQ/8 LHR 2-16 (shown to T/Sig/Sgt date? no record in file) to cadet OCS Zeitoun 12-17 qual 28th Sig course 12-17 prom 2/Lt (from Lt Gray) 9-3-18 to B Sqn ? Troop 4-18 to Sig officer RHQ 8-18 to hosp (malaria) 3-19 rtn 4-19 Ex 3MD Sig school 11-15 (CMF 18 LH 1921 to Adjt/QM 1925 to Capt 15-1-27 to Maj 15-5-30 to 18/23 LH 1-7-30 to 18 LH MG Regt 1-10-36 later WWII Maj 3 LH & 9 Motor Regt retired 1942 or disch 1949 ED)

NOSS   Eric Waters   1726   Sig   9 LHR   12R Tos RHQ? 12-15 qual unknown Sig course 1-16 to Sig RHQ/8 LHR 2-16 to A Sqn 4-16 to hosp (testicals) 1-17 att (med class PB2) clerk AIF HQ 3-17 to Cpl 5-17 to hosp (enteric) 7-17 RTA MU testicals Ex 3MD Sig school 11-15

SLY   Alfred George   1727   Sig   9 LHR   12R Tos RHQ? 12-15 qual unknown Sig course 1-16 to Sig RHQ/8 LHR 2-16 to T/Sig/Cpl A Sqn 4-16 revert 5-17 to hosp (pyrexia) 7-17 rtn to RHQ 9-17 to hosp (stomach) 11-17 rtn 2-18 qual advance telephone 8-18 to L/Cpl 1-19 to AIF HQ Egypt 1-19 RTA VO/Sgt on duty (DCo/79 IR Torrens CMF 2/Lt Sig officer 9 LH 10-12-24 to Capt 27-2-29 later WWII not stated)

WATSON   James Jones   1728   Sig   9 LHR   12R Tos RHQ? 12-15 qual unknown Sig course 1-16 to RHQ/8 LHR 2-16 to A Sqn 4-16 WIA 9-8-16 neck shot at Hod el Bada near Bir el Abd rtn 9-16 to T/Sig/Cpl RHQ (from thomson) 6-17 revert 7-17 shown to RHQ 7-17 qual 28th Sig course 12-17 to hosp (sand fly fever) 5-18 rtn 9-18 to hosp (malaria) 10-18 rtn 3-19 (28 Sig Co Adelaide CMF prov 2/Lt Sig officer 3 LH 1-3-22 to 9-11-26 later WWII Pte 2 Infantry Trg depot)



 on: 31 January 2019, 07:09:26 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev

Thanks Steve - both MOSELEY and BUTLER are new to me.

Seems Lionel MOSELEY was in the UK again in Nov 1916, though there doesn't seem to be a mention of it in his records.
He married Dorothy Patience FOLGATE on the 18th November 1916 at St Matthews Church, Marylebone, London.
He then signed a Stat Dec in London on the 23rd assuming his real name for the army authorities.
Dorothy and her son Arthur later came out to Australia in 1919 on the Orsova - she remarried in 1921 to Herbert Mills FRAIL (ex AIF).  Her son served in WW2.

Guy BUTLER married Gladys Seymour KEAY in the Jan-Mar Qtr of 1917 at Chesterton, Cambridgeshire

Cheers, Frev

 on: 31 January 2019, 09:31:15 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Just as you find one another pops up;

Again limited details for your special touch.

BUTLER   Guy Theodore   66   Sgt   9 LHR   A Sqn to (1 ASH) hosp Mudros (dysentry) 7-15 rtn 7-15 prom 2/Lt possibly A Sqn D Troop (from Tunbridge WIA) 17-8-15 evac to hosp Malta (dysentry) 9-15 to (Beaufort War) hosp Bristol UK (rheum) 9-15 (G) rtn 2-16 to 2 Div Cyc Co 3-16 to 1 Anzac Cyc Bn 5-16 to Aust Corps Cyc Bn 1-18 to hosp (myalgia) 3-18 rtn 6-18 F&B to NME UK farming 3-19 married Gladys in UK father Sir Richard Butler

No details on wife other then she RTA with a child

His father Sir Richard is not found by me, so who was he?


sorry I now found what I wanted on his father

During the war

"In February 1912 Butler again took office under Peake as minister of mines, minister of marine, and commissioner of public works (until November 1914 when he became commissioner of crown lands). The ministry was defeated at the March 1915 election. In 1917 after the Labor Party split, Peake again formed a government with Butler as treasurer; he was also minister of railways until May 1919 and of agriculture for five months. He consolidated his reputation for sound though frugal administration, taking some notable initiatives in the building of the Outer Harbour at Adelaide, once named 'Butler's Folly', and the locking of the River Murray. He had been knighted in 1913."



 on: 30 January 2019, 11:00:40 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Here's another we missed,

MARSH   Lionel Charles   205   Sig/Cpl   01 LHR   A Sqn SHQ to (1 ASH) hosp Lemnos (enteric) 7-15 evac to (Bombay Pres) hosp 8-15 (NP) to (2 Southern GH) hosp Bristol UK 11-15 (G) to AB Abbey Wood UK 1-16 to 1 LHTR 3-16 to 10 BAC 3-16 to HQ/10 FAB 5-16 to 37Bty/10 FAB 6-17 F&B killed reported in shoots from Broodesinde Ridge for Passchendaele reported grave lost & Memorial Cross at Voormezeele Cemetery near Ypres NKG listed on The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Belgium AKA real name Lionel Charles Moseley married Dorothy in UK 1917

He meet and later married Dorothy some time in 1917 possibly met around Abbey Wood UK while there awaiting to return to Egypt, and they had a son, there a letter in there from him after details of his father.



 on: 17 January 2019, 12:24:31 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev

Sorry Steve - afraid I can't say - (ie. haven't found a connection)....

 on: 16 January 2019, 09:41:07 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Thanks, were Ernest and Arthur related?


 on: 15 January 2019, 12:49:25 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev

Steve – yes I do have this couple – their correct date of marriage is 30/3/1916 – the date of 18/4/1918 is the date the marriage extract was transcribed.
The confusion with her surname probably comes from the fact that she was a widow.

Her maiden name was Florence WALKER – she married Ernest F.W. RAGGATT in 1905 Wales, and he died in 1912 – she then married Arthur Lloyd RAGGATT 30/3/1916 at the Parish Church, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales.

Cheers, Frev

 on: 15 January 2019, 09:26:44 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

I don't know if you have this couple but the details shown is confusing?

RAGGATT   Arthur Lloyd   475   Pte   9 LHR   C Sqn to (2 AGH) hosp (influ) 4-15 rtn 4-15 evac to Intarfa hosp Malta (dysentry) 7-15 to (Fulham Military) hosp London UK 9-15 (G) to 3 LHTR 1-17 att trade test 67 Sqn (1 Sqn) AFC 7-17 tos Motor Cyclist 2/AM 67 Sqn (1 Sqn) AFC 8-17 to AFC depot UK 3-18 att 6 Trg Sqn AFC Wendover UK 6-18 to 1 Wing HQ Tetbury UK 6-18 married Florence Walker at Llantwit Neath Wales 18-4-18

Bill had her name as Florance Raggatt, married in 30th March 1916, as per there form 527 (extract of marrage cert)

Another form in his file gives her name as Florence Walker married 18-4-18

For you intere3st


 on: 10 January 2019, 11:35:52 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Many thanks mate nice one.

Lt Chanter is shown as Troop officer D Troop C Sqn which is known as Jack's Troop and Sqn when he embarked.

That's where the problems start with John Chanter

CHANTER   John Courtenay      2/Lt   9 LHR   C Sqn D Troop 10-14 emb C Sqn C Troop in war dairy 5-15 shown C Sqn C Troop (emb lists and in Army lists dated 7-15) shown C Sqn B Troop possibly WIA 2-7-15 minor (he stated was wounded in the face by shrapnel) at Walkers Ridge evac to (1 AGH) hosp Egypt (influ) 7-15 rtn 8-15 prom T/Capt 2ic C Sqn (from callary) 11-15 (G)

He is shown embarked with C Troop but shows up in B Troop by the time he was evac to hosp (with influenza in his file), if wounded in the face by shrapnel then it must have been a minor wound?

Always good to double check these men, and then cross check them with other names.



 on: 07 January 2019, 03:04:18 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev
Hi Steve – good pick-up!

I did actually have the barest of details for him in the database, but hadn’t looked into it any further….
Turns out the date of the marriage has been written incorrectly on the copy of the Marriage Certificate in his file.  It was no doubt transcribed in 1919, and that’s what the Clerk has inadvertently written down.
The marriage actually took place on the 6/3/1916
And yes, James Thomas GORRINGE was J.J.W.R.’s brother

More details for you below:

GORRINGE, John James William Ralph (Jack)

Born on the 31st of July 1893 at Balranald, NSW – son of Charles Augustus John GORRINGE and Sarah Ann BUTLER
Sarah died in 1940 at Balranald.  Charles, who had been a Grocer / Salesman, also died at Balranald on New Year’s Eve 1941, aged 73

Siblings (all born Balranald): Fred B. b.1894; *James Thomas b.13/2/1896 – WW1: enl 5/3/1918 Vic, Pte 52822, 9th LH – RTA 10/7/1919 Oxfordshire at Kantara; Sarah M b.1899; Gladys b.1900; Annie M b.1902; Elizabeth b.1905

Church of England

Enlisted 23/9/1914 at Swan Hill, Vic, aged 21 years 2 months
Embarked on the A10 Karroo 11/2/1915 as Private 417 with the 9th Light Horse
Proceeded to join the MEF Gallipoli 16/5/1915
Evacuated on the Clacton 30/6/1915 with influenza – admitted to the Valetta Hospital, Malta 9/7/1915 – embarked for England on the hospital ship Ascanius 26/8/1915 and admitted to the 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth 11/9/1915
Stationed at the Monte Video Camp in Chickerell, Dorset in March 1916

Married Gertrude Thompson BRANTINGHAM on the 6th of March 1916 at the Parish Church of St John’s in Weymouth, Dorset, England
Gertrude had been born in 1888 at Wallsend, Northumberland, the daughter of George and Margaret Hudson (nee Kirkup) – she was employed as a Milliner in 1911 – at the time of her marriage she was aged 26 and resident at 43 Charles St, Weymouth – her father who had been an Engineer in the Royal Navy, was deceased.

Returned to Egypt on the Saxon, embarking 19/7/1917, and rejoined his regiment at Moascar 11/8/1917

Jack returned to Australia with his brother James on the Oxfordshire, embarking 10/7/1919 at Kantara

Applied for free passage to Australia for his wife and child in 1919

Children, included: Ralph Augustus George b.19/1/1917 Weymouth, England – WW2: Cpl VX16424 (MM), 2/11 Commando Sqdn; Sadie Gertrude b.24/5/1922 Swan Hill – WW2: Sgt VF389596, AWAS; Calvin Lawrie (draftsman); Lurline Dorothy (telephonist)

They were living at Swan Hill in 1919, where Jack was farming (1924)
Back in Balranald by 1925
Contractor at Balranald1930
Captain of the ‘Diggers’ Cricket Team, and a member of the Balranald Golf Club in the 1930s
Still living Balranald 1938

WW2: Enlisted at Royal Park, Vic 27/6/1941 – discharged 17/10/1945, Cpl V16770, 12 Garrison Coy

Resident 41 Brunswick St, Fitzroy by 1949
Jack was a Railway employee in 1954

Gertrude died on the 15/8/1958 at Fitzroy, Vic

Jack applied for Repatriation benefits in March 1959, and was a resident of 7 Peters St, Watsonia, Vic in March 1967
He died on the 3rd of May 1968 at Watsonia, and was cremated at Fawkner Memorial Park on the 6/5/1968

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Wed 7 Dec 1910 (p.2):
A find that would form an interesting addition to a criminal museum was made by Master Jack Gorringe, whilst eating his lunch at his work over the river on Thursday last.  Master Gorringe is employed on a fencing job, erecting a fence around a special lease just across the bridge for Messrs Dargin and Malcolm, and whilst enjoying his bread and meat at a spot about 100 yards above the old brick kiln his attention was attracted by the appearance of a purse upon the ground.
A purse is always connected with the idea of wealth, therefore the finder decided to investigate, lest he throw a chance away.  He was not expecting the result which his seeking revealed however, ……

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Wed 14 Oct 1914 (p.3):
Send off to Mr Jack Gorringe
A large number of townspeople put in an appearance at the Variety Hall on Friday evening to bid farewell to Mr Jack Gorringe, who has been accepted for service with the Expeditionary Force.
Mr Gorringe, who is a native of Balranald, was a member of the local Volunteer Fire Brigade, and is a very popular young fellow.
The send-off took the form of a dance and supper.
During intervals in the dancing songs were rendered by Miss Cummins, Miss Williams and Mr Jack Gorringe, and were highly appreciated.
At the supper interval Dr. G.W. Foster and Mr A.A. Williams spoke of the fine qualities possessed by Mr Gorringe, and eulogised his patriotism in offering to fight for the flag.  They wished him God-speed and a safe return.
On behalf of the local Fire Brigade, Lieut J. Loveluck presented Mr Gorringe with a set of sleeve links as a token of the appreciation of his colleagues in the Brigade.
After supper, dancing was resumed till an early hour in the morning.
On Sunday night Mr Gorringe left for Swan Hill, en route for Melbourne, amid many expressions of good will and wishes for a safe and speedy return, to which we add our hearty concurrence.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Wed 8 Sept 1915 (p.4):
Trooper Jack Gorringe, in the 9th Light Horse, writing from the front to a lady friend in Balranald under date 28th June, says: – We are in the fighting line now, right in the thick of it, and in the trenches.  We live in the side of high hills in dugouts, dug in the side of these hills, and we are just like rabbits.  Whenever we hear a shell coming we “duck” for our lives.  It is a case of “Bob down your spotted.”  I would like to tell you more of what we are doing and where we are, but cannot do so, as this letter would not pass the censor.  Do you know Mr Chanter?  He is our Lieutenant; not too bad a chap; he is very good to us.  I would like to be with you singing in the choir again, and having a good old time at your concerts.
Writing again under date 14th July, from Malta Hospital, he says: – I had the bad luck to get wounded, but not badly, and will soon be out of the hospital again.  When I am better I am going to England for a rest, then I am going back to Turkey, that is if I cannot get to France to have a scrap at the Germans, which I would love to do, and to see which I like the best – the Turks or the Germans.  I had a good run with the Turks, 12 weeks before I got hit, so I have done my bit, but I would like to get to the other side of the fun.  What do you think of the old would be singer and jam and butter roller now.  I got a corporalship, so I am not doing too bad, and my next rise will be to Sergeant, if I don’t get knocked out before I get the chance to gain it.  I must ring off now, and wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, I remain, your truly, Corporal Jack Gorringe, No.417.

[The entry following on from the above letter refers to Lieut J.C. Chanter, 9th LH being wounded also:]

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Wed 17 May 1916 (p.2):
GORRINGE – BRANTINGHAM – March 6th, at St John’s Church, Weymouth, by Rev. F. Croyton (Vicar), Corporal J.J.W.R. Gorringe, of the 9th Light Horse, Australian Forces, Balranald, N.S.W., to Gertrude T. Brantingham, daughter of the late George Brantingham, Royal Navy.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Wed 3 Sept 1919 (p.2):
Returned Soldiers
Our soldier boys keep on returning, and another half dozen arrivals will practically complete the return of our local contingent.  ……………………………………
Jack Gorringe also returned in good heart, having secured a wife in the old country.  ………….

The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW), Tue 7 Oct 1919 (p.4):
At the Variety Hall, Balranald, on Friday week a public welcome home was tendered to Sergeant Dan Lucy, Lance-corporal Larry Coates, M.M., Private George Smith, Croix de Guerre, Driver Bert McLeod, Trooper Jas. Gorringe, Driver Reginald Tress, and Private Arnold Besmeil.  Private Jack Gorringe apologised for inability to attend.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 13 Feb 1932 (p.3):
District Cricket
Both Balranald teams suffered defeat on Sunday last, and this has altered the position of the clubs considerably.  ……………………….
The Diggers went under to the Burrawang combination, ………………………
Towards the latter end of the innings, Jack Gorringe was brought on to end the match and he did this in no uncertain manner.  The last three wickets to fall was secured by Jack, and he earned the plaudits of his club mates for his achievement.  Six wickets for 34 runs is almost, if not the best for this year.  Jack bowled six and a half overs for his good average.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 20 Aug 1932 (p.2):
Painful Mishap
Mr Jack Gorringe met with a painful accident whilst splitting wood.  A small piece of the wedge flew off and entered his leg under the knee.  Mr Gorringe was admitted to hospital and an X-Ray examination revealed a small piece of steel embedded in the flesh.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 14 Jan 1933 (p.1):
We have been handed the following account of a Cricket “Test” Match, Australia v. England which appeared in a London paper recently.
It was a “Test” match amongst the English and Australian soldiers in Palestine, and we might also mention in passing the unique fact that “Digger” Jack Gorringe witnessed this memorable “Test.”
England All Out 4
“Next week-end, at Sydney, England and Australia will be at grips for the cricket “Ashes.”  And we shall know all about it.
“But how many people have heard of the unofficial “Test” match that took place in the autumn of 1917, between “England” and “Australia” under the shadow of Mount Sinai?
“It is a war epic, and as such should not be permitted to pass into oblivion.
“It came about in the following way.  Some squadrons of English Yeomanry were resting on the coast of the Mediterranean, while simultaneously the Australian troops were also indulging a few miles away.  Both spent a considerable time at cricket, and one of the English officers suggested a challenge to the commander of the Australian troops, which was accepted.  ………………………………

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 9 Sept 1933 (p.3):
Golf News, Etc.
Thanks must be made here to Jack Gorringe for his very thoughtful act in scraping all the greens for us last Sunday as after the very heavy rain the greens were just anyway, perhaps had they been scraped more heavily and allowed to dry, the results of the day may have been very different for many, but nevertheless this thoughtful act by Jack was a very bright sign that we have in our club, those who will help us in a quiet way, and trying to make the club the real success we would all have it.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 4 Nov 1933 (p.3):
The Diggers’ Captain, Jack Gorringe, is a great fighter for his side.  Jack can still hit hard.  No batsman is safe if playing a cross bat when this Digger is bowling.

The Independent (Deniliquin, NSW), Fri 15 Jun 1934 (p.2):
Mr Ralph Gorringe, son of Mr J.J. Gorringe, of Balranald, while working with his father on “Glen Dee” Station met with a painful mishap.  He was sinking a post hole with a crowbar, which he accidentally drove through his boot, severing one toe from the left foot.  His father conveyed him to hospital and he received immediate medical attention.  An operation was performed and one of the toes saved by stitching.  One toe was completely cut off.  Mr Gorringe is now an inmate of the Balranald Hospital.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 7 Dec 1935 (p.2):
Pick Driven Through Foot
Mr Jack Gorringe, who was employed on the road work leading to the new weir at Red Bank, …, met with a painful mishap.  While using a pick he accidentally drove the implement through his foot, entering at the base of the toes.  He was fortunate not to strike any bones and the point of the pick just missed an artery.  After rendering first aid, Mr Gorringe was hurried to Balranald for medical attention.  It will be some weeks before Mr Gorringe will be able to resume work again.

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 4 Sept 1937 (p.3):
Local Golfer Wins A.I.F. Cup at Swan Hill
Competing in the Golf Tournament at Swan Hill during last week-end, Mr J.J. Gorringe was successful in winning the A.I.F. Cup, for 1937, with a nett 65.  Congratulations!

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, NSW), Sat 14 Oct 1939 (p.3):
Trooper Ralph Gorringe leaves on Monday to join his regiment, the 17th Light Horse Regiment at Bendigo.  Ralph is a son of Mr Jack Gorringe, who served in the Great War with the 9th Light Horse and saw service in Egypt, Gallipoli and Palestine.  He had 1865 days service.

Copy of Marriage Certificate in SR has incorrect date of 6/3/1919 – should read 6/3/1916


Mother’s Obit 1940:

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