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Author Topic: Homosexual soldiers in the Light Horse  (Read 698 times)
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« on: 29 December 2018, 09:09:57 am »


Some people have a lot of problems with this subject, and should be placed in context of the times.

To think we had no such men in the Army or the ALH is a joke, these men were there as they still are today, and most if not all suffered the same as they all did.

The problem came when the were found out, and the Army took a one sided view of this and discharged them.

While there are not many found, they were there

This man was found on Gallipoli, how he found the time and space to do this is a wonder, is parter is not mentioned?

HENDRICK   Charles   634   Pte   9 LHR   1R Tos C Sqn 4-15 AWL 5-15 Tos 6-15 sentenced 21 days FP1 for misconduct 6-15 (G) RTA as prisoner disch 2-9-15 SNLR disciplinary reasons homosexual act gross indecency (NZ Wellington MR 2 years)


MARSHALL   Norman Benjamin   3717   Pte   7 LHR   34R to Reinf camp 1-18 to 2 LHTR 3-18 att Co Rlwy Constr unit 3-18 to hosp (tonsilitis) 5-18 Tos 7-18 qual unknown course 8-18 RTA on order from Gen Chavuel GHQ disch 3-10-18 SNLR homosexual act gross indecency

RUDDLE   Charles Henry   231   Sgt   02 LHR   A Sqn C Troop shown prom 2/Lt 9Bn 8-15 revert 9-15 to CSM to RSM BHQ/9Bn (231a) 10-15 (G) prom 2/Lt ACo (from Morse) 2-16 to T/Adjt BHQ 3-16 Adjt BHQ 7-16 WIA 23-7-16 head shot on OG 1 line at Pozieres F&B died at 2 FAmb buried Contalmaison Chateau Cemetery France (Hon/Lt Cadets A&I staff to Army PTI dismissed homosexual 21-2-14 CMF 2 years)

UNDERWOOD   Herbert Chasling   1184   Pte   12 LHR   6R remain Egypt FGCM 21-1-16 for civil offence found no guilty 11-15 rtn 3-16 RTA disciplinary reasons disch 5-4-16 SNLR forfit medals homosexual act relist 2 GSR NSW (51196) to 11 trg Bn UK 8-18 to AIF depots (2 Com) UK 12-18

These are the only LH men so far found, what is interesting is the reenlistment of two of these men.

Lt Ruddle was convicted pre war but was known when he enlisted in the AIF, likewise so was Underwood when he relisted late in the war.

How many other reenlisted during the war needs more checking then I can give and one for those interested in this area.

SO if you are then you are not alone, there are others out there, as there was for many years.

Sorry no I am not one of them.

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