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Author Topic: Remount units  (Read 2904 times)
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« on: 15 September 2011, 07:16:34 pm »

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3 Posts   Posted - 15/11/2004 :  10:17:59 PM 
Older members of my family always insisted that James Francis EDDY "went with the horses" to France and met his two brothers who were serving with the 22nd Infantry Battalion. I have searched for his name in Remount Units with no success. However with assistance from this forum I was able to obtain his papers as a Munitions Worker in the UK. On those papers under previous service (you guessed it) "went to France with Horses"!
As it appears he did not go with a remount unit, can anyone enlighten me as to what unit he may have belonged to?
Jeff Pickerd
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219 Posts    Posted - 15/11/2004 :  11:50:03 PM 
I have come across a reference in the past, referring to older civilian remount personal being sent to Egypt to look after the horses of Light Horse Regiments who were on active sevice at Gallipoli.
I can not remember where I read this just at the moment, but will try to find the reference. Maybe some of the other contributors may have information on these men.
This may be the answer to why you can not find his name in the rolls of the remount units. This may also have been a similar situation for horses going to France.
Regards, Jeff
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1344 Posts    Posted - 16/11/2004 :  07:34:09 AM 
I can not find his name of any Remount or other LH units.

There were a number of Remount Units formed during the war.

The first two Remount units contained eight Sqn's and served in Egypt during late 1915 early 1916.

Many of the soldiers were enlisted over age and in early 1916 these were being sent home between April and Oct 1916.

There remained about three Sqn's after this and they operated in Egypt.

I can find no sub branch to serve with those sent to France. A depot was sent up in the UK for the LH where reinforcemnts could train, but all horses I can find where handled by the British remount unit near the base. But I'am sure we must of had something there possibly attached but so far nothing is confirmed.

During the war ships carried horses to the war and would have traveled to the UK and on these ship's were men to look after them. But again I can only find the Officer's and some soldier's names of appiontments on these ships. So if he was a member of one these ships and once there decided to stay, I have no record of this.

I would like to read his record to see what it says, is it on line?

Jeff your right we did have a simular question some time ago.


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