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Author Topic: Remounts 1936 - 1945  (Read 3264 times)
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« on: 15 September 2011, 02:23:38 pm »

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164 Posts   Posted - 05/03/2003 :  12:00:59 PM 
I recently found myself introduced to a fellow who served with the Remounts here in Melbourne from around 1936 to the end of the war. He had a lot of interesting stories to tell.
This query is on behalf of him.
On several occasions he took part in state and military funerals - helping to drive the gun carriage - he was hoping to track down a photo of one such occasion however he could not recall the name of the bloke they were carting. He believed it was a senior ranking officer most likely former 1st AIF, the funeral took place in Melbourne in 1936 or 37. He recalled the photo was printed in a newspaper.
Before i launch myself into the tedious task of checking old newspapers i was wondering if these clues might ring a bell with anyone out there as to the identity of the officer concerned? Hope to narrow it down some.
Thanks for any suggestions - David.
PS While im on the topic can anyone suggest any books that may provide more relevant info.
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501 Posts    Posted - 15/03/2003 :  12:39:12 PM 
I had a shot at this about a week ago for you.

But unfortunately I failed. Found a few in other cities in 36 or 37,
but not Melbourne.

I checked a list of General Officers of the First AIF (Major Generals,
Lieutenant General) but all to no avail.

Maybe he was a politician.

Geoff S

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1632 Posts    Posted - 16/03/2003 :  08:26:08 AM 
Wasn't Monash burried around that Time?

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501 Posts    Posted - 16/03/2003 :  4:57:14 PM 
Monash died 8th October 1931

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164 Posts    Posted - 19/03/2003 :  08:08:12 AM 
Geoff, thanks for looking,i still haven't been able to locate a likely candidate.
Elizabeth Kaye
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137 Posts    Posted - 31/03/2003 :  7:32:25 PM 
Hi again D. This is a long shot, but if past long shots are anything to go by, we've been proved not too bad at that!
By chance, we were in your area in mid-January. We dined at an RSL Club, where there was a 'Military memorabilia' cabinet containing medals, histories of local lads etc, and very long photograph of many, many L-H'men, in full gear, feathers etc the lot. (No horses) I enquired about its history, only to be told that the Club had been taken over by another Service Club, and they had no idea about anything military, let alone anything in the cabinet.

I wrote to the local RSL on our return home, and received a reply in the mail today. After making further enquiries on my behalf, they have discovered that the photograph is of the 20th LH,and was taken at Seymour in 1938. The Club I am in contact with are happy to try and find more info for me, as well as trying to run off a copy of the original photograph for me.

It occurred to me that this just might tie up with your 'funeral' inquiry. Are you interested? As I said, it's a long shot! Cheers E.K.
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