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Author Topic: Boer War service of Lt Connor  (Read 31427 times)
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« on: 08 January 2014, 09:19:15 pm »


I have been alerted to the fact that you have been researching the possible Boer War service of Lt William Edward Ernest Connor on the other site, I can offer little to substantiate if Connor did actually serve in the Boer War, but can give some information regarding his 8th LH service that may be of interest to his family. The following is from my 8th LH chronology notes.

6-11-1914 (Friday) – 8th LHR War Diary (Page 3, 4 & 5): “The personnel of the Regiment on the 6th November, 1914, was as follows:-

      Commanding Officer – Major A. H. White, 21.9.14.
      2nd in Command            Major J. C. O’Brien.
      Adjutant                        Lieut J. T. Crowl, 21.9.14.
      Quartermaster               Lieut C. Talbot-Woods.
      Attached – Medical Officer – Captain S. J. Campbell.
                        Veterinary – Captain S. A. Mountjoy.
      Regtl  Serg Major – A. S. Gilman.

      “A” Squadron.
      O.C. Capt E. A. Gregory 21.9.14.
               Lieut W. J. Day        “   “  “.
               Lieut F. O. Thorn     “   “  “.
               Lieut A. Crawford    “   “  “.
               Lieut T. Howard.
               Lieut C. Arblaster  3.11.14. (from R. M. College Duntroon-).

      “B” Squadron.
      O.C. Capt T. H. Redford    21.9.14.
               Lieut W. A. Mitchell   “  “  “.
               Lieut K. Borthwick     “  “   “.
               Lieut R. C. Baker.
               Lieut E. E. Henty       21.9.14.
               Lieut E. G. Wilson.      “  “   “

      “C” Squadron.
      O.C. Captain A. V. Deeble.
               Capt A. M. McLaurin.
               Lieut C. Carthew      21.9.14.
               Lieut W. Robinson     “  “  “.
               Lieut C. C. Dale         “  “  “.

      Machine Gun Section.
      Lieut: L. W. H. Anderson,       3.11.14 (from R.M. College Duntroon).
      Lieut: W. E. E. Connor.

Signed E.A.G. (Capt Ernest Albert Gregory)

8-12-1914 (Tuesday) – 2nd Lt C. Carthew, “C” Sqdn in a letter home to his sister, Jane, wrote: “I sposed you’ll be surprised to get this but I have nothing better to do as our lecture was called off. Old Conner is in the tent here writing to his intended as usual. Don’t know what he writes about as He’s at it all the time. (2nd Lt William E. E. Connor, “A” Sqdn, transferred to the Light Horse Depot 23-1-1915). We have been out bivouacking all day. We have most of the horses in now, they are not much of a mob I’m glad I decided to bring Silver and Buller, they run rings around the rest. Another inspection tomorrow by the Gov. Gen. Damn him, more work for us. Have just been up to see my lot, (“A” Troop), they are all hard at work with the kiwi, there seems to be no end to inspections. Was told last night I’m likely to get another star when we embark, hope so.” (Voices from the Trenches, Letters to Home. by Noel Carthew, page 13.)

11-12-1914 (Friday) – The 8th LHR held march-past the State Governor Sir Arthur Stanley at Broadmeadows Camp in the afternoon.

National Archives of Australia Military Service Record 16th Dec 1914 (12 pages)
Appointed 2nd Lt in 8th Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Lt William Edward Ernest Connor, Date of Appointment and Gazette, Commonwealth of Australia Gazette 108/44, 16/12/1914. 5th Reinforcements.

1-1-1915 (Friday) – The establishment of the Regiment was completed with promotions of its officers being confirmed and the Regimental register drawn up. All men surplus to the requirements of 8th LHR were allotted to the 1st Reinforcements under the command of 2nd Lt W. E. E. Connor, and the 2nd Reinforcements under the command of 2nd Lt A. N. Anderson.
(2nd Lieut William E. E. Connor submitted his resignation prior to the official establishment of the regiment so as to join the British Army. 2nd Lt 1st Royal North Devon Hussars, 3/12/1915. Entry from the London Gazette dated 30 November 1915 page 12041: - Royal North Devon (Hussars).
William Edward Ernest Connor (late Lieutenant, Australian Light Horse) to be Second Lieutenant.  Dated 3rd December, 1915. Second Lieutenant William E. E. Connor to be temporary Lieutenant.  Dated 3rd December, 1915.)

23-1-1915 (Saturday) –  Lt W. E. E Connor “A” Sqdn, transferred from 8th LH Regt to the Light Horse Depot at Broadmeadows Camp.

2-3-1915 (Tuesday) - Tpr S. Arbuthnot No. 876, J. A. Bell No. 878, G. W. Boyce No. 879, W. E. Barton No.881, T. Carruthers No. 881, O. J. Matthies No. 903, appointed to the 5th Reinforcements, 8th LHR, Broadmeadows Camp. Attestation forms signed by Lt E.Connor.

15-4-1915 (Thursday) – 2nd Lt W. E. E. Connor, C.O. 5th Reinforcements, appointment in the A.I.F. terminated, Broadmeadows Camp.

Steve, there is a photograph of 2nd Lt W. E. E. Connor in MAYGAR’S BOYS, page 16. It is interesting that in this photograph he does appear to have two medal ribbons, just one of two officers pictured to have such, the other being Lt Frederick Otto Thorne DCM, and he definitely being a Boer War veteran. Note the January 1915 date of the Darge Studio photograph.


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« Reply #1 on: 15 January 2014, 08:58:53 am »


I am still not  sure about his Boer war service, while the photo is interesting the one the relatives sent shows no ribbons and dosn't look like the man in the Regt officers photos?

The relatives photo shows him in the British Army late in the war possibly before he sailed to Ireland or ealier?

My note for his Boer War service came from the officers list pre WWI which shows he had Boer war service, but no other details?

So far all attempts failed to locate this service anywhere?

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« Reply #2 on: 15 January 2014, 11:09:45 pm »

Hi Steve,

I have had a look at the photo forwarded by the relatives, and I too have had difficulty comparing it to the January 1915 Darge photograph, I still wonder if they are of the same Connor.
There is no doubt that the Lt Connor in the 8th LH officers group is Lt William Edward Ernest Connor, all 1914/15 8th LH documentation supports that being the case.
The photograph held by the Victorian RSL at Anzac House, Melbourne, and published in MAGAR'S BOYS is a cropped version of the AWM print from the original Darge Photographic Company glass negative, AWM ID Number DAX203, the Anzac House photo was presented to the RSL by Darge many years ago in its present form.
I am yet to sight a fully blown up copy of the photo, to do so would prove one way or the other as to what the medal ribbons are, but they do appear to be different to Lt Thorne's medal ribbons in the MAYGAR'S BOYS photo, although it is very hard to tell from that reproduced photograph, and besides Lt Thorne did have the DCM.

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